Our website is aimed at providing students and alike with information about the functional anatomy of the hand. Whether you have a basic interest in human anatomy or you are looking to further your anatomical studies there is information in this webpage for you.

To get the most out of our webpage browse the pages in this order:

  1. Anatomy of the Hand
  2. Home page
    1. Precision – Pinch grip
    2. Power – Hook grip
    3. Power – Cylindrical grip
  3. Revision Questions
  4. Solutions

To start you off, go to our “Anatomy of the Hand” page and breeze over the basic anatomy of the hand. If you don’t currently know a great deal about the anatomy of the hand, this page will give you a good base to understand the concepts described in our “Home” page.

Once you have your base information, go to the “home” page and browse the 3 grips of the hand that have been described in detail.

Finally, test your new found knowledge on our “Revision Questions” page and check your answers on our “Solutions” page.


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